The following are topics available under our Emotional Healing, Help for the Hurting Seminars Category:

From fear to faith
Attack your panic attacks
Battling phobias
The purpose of anger
Anger management
Noble guilt
The guilt proof life
Types of depression and their causes
Escaping the pit of depression
How to encourage the bereaved
Understanding the Grief Process
Slam shame and live
Four monkeys on the backs of mankind
Surviving sexual abuse
Recovering from sexual abuse
Identifying abuse patterns
Treating sexual abusers
Protecting yourself from abuse
Balloon juice…emotional magnification
Dysfunctional payoff
The inadequacy factor
The jealousy monster
Freedom from obsessions
Healing the memories that bind
Crisis intervention
Rebuilding your life after loss
Forgive but do not forget
Suicide…permanent “solution” to a temporary problem
Alone yet never lonely
Enduring trauma

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