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Dr. Kenneth Brown LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Psychotherapist in the State of Florida to provide counseling services with State License #MT0001805. Dr. Brown is credentialed as a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT #81631), and the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (FAMFT). Dr. Brown LCMFT is licensed as a Licensed Christian Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor (CPY 0201-01-1198) through the Florida Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists. He has been ruled an expert witness in Florida and by the Supreme Court of Ontario in Canada to give opinion evidence of mental and relational health. Dr. Brown is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, and is certified as a Level One Critical Incident Stress Manager trained and experienced in assisting police officers and emergency services personnel in debriefing traumatic events. Dr. Brown is the Clinical Director of Hope Counseling Inc., the Executive Director for Hope for Families Adoption Services Inc, a non-profit Florida licensed adoption agency, and President of Hope Broadcasting and Publishing Inc. Dr. Brown conducts approved International or Domestic Home Studies with dual licensure, and provides services to adopt new born babies, and children from Foster Care and other countries.

Dr. Brown has a Doctorate of Ministry in Marriage and Family Therapy from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, a Masters of Divinity with concentration in pastoral counseling from the Ontario Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Science focused in psychology from the University of Toronto. Dr. Brown has an Ontario Police College Diploma in Police Sciences, and graduated with top honors. His subsequent numerous courses and training included crisis intervention, negotiation and mediation techniques, multiculturalism, criminal, civil & family law and others from C. O. Bick Metropolitan Toronto Police College and George Brown College. Later, at the University of Guelph, an Intensive Sex Therapy course and an Approved AAMFT Supervisor course were completed. Dr. Brown is qualified in a number of personality, mental, emotional, marital and family health assessment instruments and has studied marriage and family therapy in a program with the Institute for Christian Studies.

From the Institute of Family Living in Toronto, Dr. Brown has received group training in suicide prevention, trauma and bereavement counseling, adult children of alcoholics, addiction counseling, professional ethics, 12 Step Programs, depression, anxiety, disassociative identity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, anger and abuse, victimization, codependency, self-care for social workers, and many other topics. Dr. Brown completed a comprehensive internship with the Institute of Family Living and had over 500 hours of supervision from a combination of 8 clinical Association for Marriage and Family Therapy supervisors. Dr. Brown was personally mentored for 8 years by the late Dr. Stan Skarsten, former Chief Social Worker of the Toronto’s prestigious Clarke Mental Health Institute, the former founder/director of the Institute of Family Living incorporated in 1970. Dr. Brown also studied at L.C. Leadership Institute in Chicago, and at Life Exchange Ministries in their conference, workshop, and internship, in pastoral counseling. Dr. Brown received training with the Masters and Johnson Clinic in New Orleans for the treatment of sexual addictions and through supervision & numerous seminars/workshops in adoption. Dr. Brown annually completes the continuing educational licensing requirements for the Florida LMT, AAMFT and the Florida DCF review for Executive Director of a Licensed Child Placing Agency.

Dr. Brown has held memberships in the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors, Psychometrics and Psychotherapists, the North American Association of Christian Social Workers, the International Police Association, the Metropolitan Toronto Police Association, the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, the Institute of Family Living, Hope Counseling and the Family and Pediatric Clinic. Dr. Brown is published in the Blue Line, Peacemaker, MTPA and IFL Network magazines and in the Script Howard Business Journals. He has recently served on the boards of two non-profit addiction treatment centers, Daughters of Naomi and Next Step, and written columns for the local newspapers and articles for various magazines on topics of mental and relational health.

For seven years, Dr. Brown offered clinical supervision for 2nd and 3rd year students in a counseling practicum for a Masters Degree program at the Ontario Theological Seminary and the Adlerian Institute of Psychology associated with the University of Chicago. Dr. Kenneth Brown founded and clinically directed Hope Counseling Services with 10 to 12 Masters Degree level clinical counselors in Toronto, for seven years and relocated to Florida in 1999. Dr. Brown served for eight years, as one of the owners and clinical directors of the Institute of Family Living in Toronto, assisting in managing of that agency of 15 to 20 psychotherapists. For three years, Dr. Brown was an associate, marriage and family therapy supervisor and clinical therapist with the Family and Pediatric Clinic in Cocoa Beach, with 8-10 therapists. In 2003, Dr. Brown founded Hope for Families: Adoption and Counseling Services Inc., a licensed adoption agency that specializes in providing adoption and custody home study services for all of Florida and adoptions in the US.

Dr. Brown has extensive experience as a former veteran police officer with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Services with special training to handle domestic situations including spousal assaults, disputes, sexual abuse, bereavement notifications and suicide intervention. He assisted in trauma counseling and group suicide interventions in the Durham and Metropolitan Toronto Police forces, the Provincial Correction Metro East Detention Center, and received training with the Salvation Army’s Victims Witness Program. In 1979, Dr. Brown co-founded the Canadian Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers Inc., an organization designed to encourage police officers in their stressful careers, which has 1,500 members in over 30 Canadian cities. For 10 years, Dr. Brown edited published the 24 page bi-monthly FCPO Peacemaker magazine with national circulation. For five years he instituted and administered a 24 hour crisis phone line for police officers and their families, coordinating peer counseling across Canada, and trained the FCPO police officers to assist in this crisis counseling. Dr. Brown for several years was a columnist in the Toronto Police Association magazine on topics critical to managing the stresses inherent in policing and helping the police family. Dr. Brown continues to counsel members of the local police and emergency services community when requested, and is a Clinical Critical Incident Stress Manager.

Reverend Dr. Brown is also an ordained minister with Evangel Fellowship International, received ministerial credentials in 1978 with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, has served in PAOC church districts and other denominations as a clinical counselor in ministerial staff restoration and is a member of Central Assembly Church in Vero Beach. Dr. Brown spent two years in missions, first as a missionary in the Caribbean commended by the Brethren Assemblies after attending Literature Crusades Mission School in Chicago, and then as an administrative assistant with the Sudan Interior Mission. For over 25 years, Dr. Brown has served in various Christian ministries and churches in diverse leadership roles and is a member of the Community Chaplain Response Team in Florida. Dr. Brown has spoken to numerous church, police and community groups coast to coast in Canada and the States, frequently lecturing on therapeutic issues of recovery or prevention, leads lively and helpful couple or family retreats, workshops, marriage enrichments, and marital preparation with his informative Mending Minds, Healing Hearts, Restoring Relationships Seminars series. Dr. Brown regularly speaks to churches, police groups or the community on helpful topics on mental health, parenting and marital enhancement.

Since commencing private practice in 1987, Dr. Brown has engaged in individual, couple and family counseling. He has counseled over 2800 clients/families in approximately 38,000 hours of clinical practice. Particular areas of interest are adoption home studies, adoption counseling for pre and post placement and family reintegration issues, crisis intervention, anxiety reactions, couple counseling, sex therapy, depression, grief work, suicidal obsessions, victims and abusers of spousal or sexual assault, personal inventories and supervising counseling interns. Traveling throughout the State of Florida, Dr. Brown has completed over 1,000 home studies assisting adopting families since 1999 and every report received court/agency approval. Dr. Brown is the co-founder and Executive Director of the adoption agencies, Hope for Families: Adoption and Counseling Services Inc., which specializes in adoption home studies throughout Florida and adoptions in the US. Dr. Brown was also the former Executive Director for both United Advocates for Families, located in Boca Raton and this agency specialized in adoptions from Russia and Kazakhstan and Together Ministries which specialized in adoptions from Brazil. Dr. Brown has successfully completed domestic and international home studies for approximately 40 States for domestic adoption and 39 countries for international adoption for 70 agencies.

Dr. Brown serves as the clinical director, licensed counselor and State Approved Supervisor at Hope Counseling Inc. and Executive Director for Hope for Families: Adoption and Counseling Services Inc., located in Fort Pierce. Dr. Brown is available through his instant message pager or office telephone number listed below for Adoption Home Study appointments, speaking engagements or to receive referrals for counseling. Dr. Brown’s dear wife, Lynn, manages the correspondence, scheduling, data entry of the Home Studies and counseling practice. Lynn joins with Dr. Brown in the adoption home visits all over Florida to assist in the interview process and background clearances. Together, they have hosted and produced a Christian radio program that broadcast on WCNO 89.9 FM on Saturdays at 830 Am, all over South Eastern Florida, and Hope for Families television program which was viewed in 50 cities across the United States and on Sky Angel satellite through Hope Broadcasting and Publishing Inc.. Dr. Brown also serves in leadership at the Sunlight Church, Port St. Lucie, FL, sits on two ministerial boards, assists two Police Departments with crisis intervention for the officers, and is a consultant for two drug treatment centers.

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